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Top 10 Anderson Slowpitch Softball Bats

Top 10 Anderson Slowpitch Softball BatsThe softball bat, ball, and weather affect the way you play your game. The weather definitely impacts softball compression. At a temperature of 100 degrees, the average softball loses about 200 pounds of compression. At 100 degrees, a 525 pound compression ball may play like a 375 pound ball. In addition to the clouds, rain and humidity, your choice of the slowpitch softball bat could definitely help you win. While there is a little physics involved in finding a bat that delivers homeruns, the player must have wanted a bat that gives the right amount of power with the less vibration. Here is the top 10 Anderson slowpitch softball bats to choose for your game.


  1. Rocketech 2.0 SP

Called as virtually bullet proof, this ASA and USSSA certified slowpitch softball bat is made of Aerospace Alloy with the multiwall design. The construction and the material of the bat impact performance. The Aerospace Alloy bat is more durable and can still be used even if it has a minimal dent/damage compared to the composite bat. Although the Aerospace Alloy has a lighter weight, its higher strength gives higher bat speed. The trampoline effect results in greater power with each swing that the ball definitely covers a distance faster. A bat that is too heavy can decrease the hitting power. The Multiwall design produces more trampoline effect. More layers provide more spring action. The PowerArch technology gives inner sleeve ridges that prevents the bat from being dented too soon. The PowerArch technology works well with low compression balls. This 100% Aerospace Alloy slowpitch softball bat has a very small end knob. A bat with smaller end knob or smaller barrel helps ease the swing speed and increase the hitting power. Its Ultra Thin Whip Handle gives the bat more speed. The Muscled Up, Endloaded barrel gives you a more balanced bat. Before you buy the bat, try to some swings with it first. More mass and muscle empowers the player to perform bone crushing hits to the ball. The end weight supports its 2 ¼” barrel performance. This slowpitch softball bat meets the 1.20 Standards. This bat is hot straight out of the wrapper. Break in is not necessary.

  1. Flex SP

The Flex SP is a one piece designed slowpitch softball bat constructed with the Alloy material. Alloy bats drive balls farther because of its trampoline effect. It also swings lighter than composite bats. This bat is hot straight out of the wrapper and does not require a break in. Being one of the most durable bats of the Anderson brand, you will never see any flex denting or cracking in the middle of the season. To increase the trampoline effect of the barrel, the walls of this single wall bat are thinner so it can also endure the impact without cracking. The thin walls affect the mass distribution of the bat. When you use this bat, it feels like swinging with the force of a sledgehammer. The Ambush plush padded spiral grip has a pillow soft feel, but tough leather durability. The padded spiral grip provides a different comfortable feeling unique to the Anderson bats. It gives you a balance feel when you hit the ball. No more sore hands when you used the Ambush plush padded spiral grip. You definitely get a bat with a leather tough durability! The Ultra Thin Whip Handle helps maximize the quality of bat speed. The Ultra Thin Whip Handle has been specially designed to ensure optimization of the slowpitch softball bat’s moment of inertia. With this kind of handle, the bat swings faster without making the player use more of its energy. You get that ultimate swing when you use the Anderson Flex SP. This bat is ASA and USSSA certified.


  1. TechZilla SP

This ASA, NCAA, ISA, NSA and USSSA certified slowpitch softball bat has been created to make the average ballplayer into a great hitter. The all metal one piece Company Techzilla SP has a multiwall design and combines the PowerArch interior sleeve with the Ultra Thin handle. You absolutely get a power hit without sacrificing control. The PowerArch Multiwall design features two matched aluminum walls. Aluminum bats are lightweight. It has been designed to take advantage of a reduced moment of inertia to improve bat speed for higher performance. This bat absolutely gives a jaw dropping performance with its balanced minus 10 swing. The PowerArch contour improves the bat’s elastic performance and durability. The exterior shell that wraps the interior sleeve provides a uniquely balanced feel. The PowerArch technology allows the player to swing faster with an optimized moment of inertia. The Taperflex Contour distributes the mass of the taper to achieve a harmonic flexural response. The Ultra Thin Whip Handle has a weldless ergonomic knob to maximize bat speed. The handle fits nicely into the fingers of the player. The thin SG-1 Sport Grip creates a tacky feel. The Weldless Ergonomic Knob improves the balance and provides a safer, more comfortable feel. The ergonomic knob maximizes the MOI and adds distance. The TruFlex Toughened Lightweight Cap provides support at the end of the bat. It helps maximize the energy transfer while maintaining flex and control. The reduced moment of inertia


  1. FlexZilla SP

The FlexZilla SP has a PowerArch with the FlexLink composite handle to provide an unmatched feel and superior performance. The uniquely balanced FlexZilla SP greatly enhances the MOI and improves the bat speed. The FlexLink composite handle matches the mass and the balance of the metal barrel. This two piece slowpitch softball bat gives a superior feel with a truly unique hitting experience. The Ultra Thin Handle is designed to make it easily customizable for the player by fitting it nicely to the fingers while the Thin Sport Grip creates a tacky feeling for a firmer grip. The TruFlex Cap is lightweight and provides the bat the support it needs to be able to maximize the energy transfer from the barrel to the ball. This has been designed with a reduced moment of inertia to give it a better swing.


  1. RockeTech SP

The RockeTech is hot with its all metal and double wall design. The PowerArch features two matched aluminum walls that wrapped the inner shell for an added elastic performance. The TaperFlex Contour serves to distribute the mass and achieve a harmonic flexural response for a unique hitting experience. The Ultra Thin Handle allows the handle to fit nicely into the fingers. The handle is easily customizable and can be made bigger if the player wants a thicker grip. The Thin Sport Grip provides a tacky feel and greatly support the thin handle for a firm grip. The Weldless Ergonomic Knob maximizes the MOI. It provides a safe, comfortable feel. The TruFlex Cap controls the vibration during contact with the ball. The design of the Anderson bats helps reduce the moment of inertia so it would take only less effort to swing the bat.


  1. Ambush SP

This 2 ¼” barrel has been designed to give just the right balance in addition to speed. It has a muscled up barrel to go for distance and give an extra pop. The new padded spiral grip gives a comfortable firmer grip and reduces the sting. The padded spiral grip ensures the player a tight squeeze with a pillow soft feel. The end cap is lightweight and sure would give you a good swing. The lightweight end cap allows the player to maximize swing speed. This one piece composite bat gives a balanced swing with more speed and power. The more balanced the easier it would be for the player to control the barrel. Due to its minimal amount of flex, this one piece bat gives a stiff feel when contact is made with the ball. Power hitters prefer a one piece bat. Over time, the composite bat becomes hotter. The performance would ultimately improve until it gives in to breaks and dents. The Ultra Thin Whip Handle is the thinnest handle around. The handle gives a comfortable firmer grip with less sting that could empower the player to whip the bat through the zone faster. The Ambush SP slowpitch is ASA and USSSA certified.


  1. Flex Single Wall SP

This bat is dedicated to bring the highest performance on the field. The Aerospace Alloy that constructs the Flex has just made the bat durable enough to last the whole season. This ASA, ISA, NSA and USSSA certified slowpitch softball bat has a perfectly weighted design. Alloy bats are lighter and has the right characteristics to improve handling and bat velocity. They are more tough and raises the sweetspot on the barrel. Aerospace Alloy is very durable and minimizes the risk of denting. High strength alloys allow the bat to have thinner walls and less weight but greater rebound. This alloy is also used in the aerospace industry. Innovation can be a hard sell, but this Aerospace Alloy has just become the industry’s benchmark for strength and durability. This means the bat can endure harsher weather conditions. It can also stand rougher use. The Anderson slowpitch bat has been designed with the acoustic enhancement technology which makes it possible to absorb the sound waves to the player can swing with precision each time.


  1. Ignite Single Wall SP

This bat represents the complete redesign of the Anderson’s single wall slowpitch softball bats. It is possible to let the shape of the bat maximize the moment of inertia because of the all metal alloy material. This all metal alloy bat optimizes the moment of inertia and benefits from the trampoline effect. As a result, the ball travels faster with one swing. It gives a surefire higher performance with its more responsive, lighter and stronger alloy metal. The larger the moment of inertia, the difficult it would be to swing the bat. Optimizing the MOI makes it possible to swing with less effort from the player. This ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA certified bat provides a larger effective hitting area. With a reduced weight in the effective hitting area, it makes it possible for the player to swing the bat with less effort and faster. The strength of the bat is maintained to withstand impact upon ball contact. The Single Wall technology is designed with the Acoustic Enhancement Technology to keep the noise and the vibration down. The greater yield value of the alloy creates a larger Effective Hitting Area. This technology changed the way softball bats are being manufactured nowadays. With the reduced weight in the Effective Hitting Area, the bat is able to withstand impact. Maintaining the necessary strength during impact is the result of the weight distribution. The integral technology making it possible for moment of inertia optimization are the TruFlex End Cap, TaperFlex Contour, Sport Grip, the solid Ergonomic Weldless Knob and the Ultra Thin Whip Handle. The combination of these technologies created a heavier overall weight intended to bring higher performance in faster bat speed. The TruFlex End Cap gives the feel of an endloaded bat. It increases the barrel strength and also helps in reducing and managing vibration. The TaperFlex Contour optimizes the flexural and vibrational responses by distributing the mass of the taper and achieving a harmonic flexural response. The combination of the TaperFlex Contour and the TruFlex End Cap makes the design mapping and wall thickness tuning possible. This way the energy cannot escape from the barrel.


  1. NanoTek SP Omega

The NanoTek slowpitch softball bat has been designed differently with the combination of a two piece alloy and composite hybrid. The combination is great for sting dampening. This is what you can call as a hybrid bat. The combination of the composite handle secured to the alloy barrel is only possible in a two piece design. This design is hot out of the wrapper for peak performance. You get the most explosive Effective Hitting Area with the largest sweetspot with this two piece design and the Anderson Launchpad. The Launchpad is a blend of complex nano-metallic and aluminum alloys bonded together. The complex process produces a single metal wall barrel structure. You get more pop and strength with the patented Anderson Launchpad. This bat is the first on the line to feature the Anderson Launchpad. This technology is guaranteed to produce higher velocity without much effort from the hitter. By elastically strengthening the hitting area, the player gets the most reactive barrel needed to win the game. The TrueEnd Flex End Cap and TaperFlex Contour both aids in the management of sting and vibration. When you use this ASA, USSSA, NSA and ISA certified bat, you are guaranteed a phenomenal performance. The Ergonomic Weldless Knob exceeds your wildest expectation about comfortable, firmer grip. It adds weight and improves the balance of the bat so it can add distance. With the mass in the right place, the Ergonomic Weldless Knob is able to maximize the moment of inertia.


10.RocketFlex SP

Known as the RFSP, this 2 ¼” barrel diameter has an endloaded swing weight. The swing weight has a lot to do with the moment of inertia. The speed on which a player can swing a ball depends on its moment of inertia than the mass. The bat swing is like a pendulum that is directly affected by the moment of inertia from the knob end of the handle. Research showed most players benefit from endloaded bats because adding mass to the barrel end increases its moment of inertia. Increasing the moment of inertia also increases the ball speed. This FlexLink Composite Handle and Multi-Wall Aluminum Barrel with PowerArch is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF certified. The FlexLink integrates seamlessly the composite handle to the PowerArch barrel. The technology provides a truly unique hitting experience with a superior feel. Together, the two technologies creates a super responsive hitting surface. You will notice how effortlessly the ball springs off the barrel. The PowerArch combines the multi-wall interface configuration with the idea to get the right flex during contact. With the series of opposing arches, it allowed the walls to flex independently and concurrently. This makes a big difference in the wall thickness, durability and the performance of the bat. The RocketFlex has an Ultra Thin Handle that allows the player to grip the handle with its fingers rather than the palm of the hand. With an increased bat grip, this makes the handle perfect for players who love thin handles and go for super performance. The Thin Sport Grip gives the tacky feeling that makes it more possible to firmly hold the bat. With the combination of the three technologies, the player has all that is needed for ultimate control. The reduced moment of inertia helps give the player a powerful swing and speed. It simply gives the player access and harness the power of the bat with a normal swing. The TruFlex Lightweight End Cap works synergistically with the other technology to produce the most powerful and comfortable swing. The TruFlex only flexes where and when it is needed. The Ultra Thin Handle, the Thin Sport Grip and the Weldless Ergonomic Knob improved design enhanced the proper swing mechanics. The bat feels better in your hands than any other brand.


Other slowpitch bearing the Anderson technology and brand are the Matrix SP and the Pyrotech SP. However, Anderson is going to focus on manufacturing less line of slowpitch bats with better enhancement of its technology. Some of the SP lines are going to be phased out soon.

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