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Top 10 Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats

Find The Top 10 Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats

Top 10 Worth Slowpitch Softball BatsBuying the right kind with the right brand and technology is crucial to winning your slowpitch softball league. We highlight the top 10 Worth slowpitch softball bats here.  The market has a wide variety of bats in various designs. Each year famous brands upgrade their bats with a new technology update to make it more endloaded and achieve the highest performance possible with less swing effort from the player.

Underhand arc pitch

Most players love to use the slowpitch softball bats because they make it possible to have an underhand arced pitch style. The arc and location are most important in maintaining a relatively consistent speed of the pitch for slowpitch softball games. This underhand pitching technique delivery focused on a slower gradual movement is a very explosive one. For this technique, the composite and the two piece bats are much favored for its durability and great pop. One piece bats have a stiff feel. With minimal amount of flex, the bat lost only little energy, which produces more power. They are preferred by power hitters.

Top 10 Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats

Here is the list of the best 10 Worth slowpitch softball bats I can share with you

  1. 2015 Worth Fulk 220 Resmondo SP

This bat has been tuned and designed to optimize performance in utmost durability. The engineers spend considerable time developing slowpitch softball bats for a variety of skill levels and different performance needs. This is definitely straight out of the wrapper for use with the Classic M Extreme Ball. The Classic M Extreme Ball is a 12” Syco blue stitched softball certified by the USSSA. The Fulk 220 is a Team Resmondo Player Signature Series by the World Champion #16 BJ Fulk. It is tough to know what weight orientation is best to make a powerful, comfortable swing. Endloaded bats feel heavier. If you cannot adapt or control it, then you are about to lose bat speed. This is important when you aim for distance hitting. The Fulk 220 is 1 oz endloaded. The Fulk 220 is USSSA, NSA, and ISA certified.


  1. 2014 Worth Sick 454 Greg Connell SP

This balanced bat bears the patented 454 technology of Worth. This new technology is truly a wow factor. It revolutionizes the construction of today’s bats by giving the largest sweetspot ever experienced in any brand. The 454 technology can give you an ultimate control of your game. The 2014 Worth Sick 454 balanced bat is good for players who are not into high swing speeds yet, but are looking to generate as much bat speed as possible. If you have been into high swing speeds, then you need to choose from the endloaded bats, which is preferred by power hitters. With the 100% composite bat, you have the opportunity to maximize swing speed and potential on the plate. This 1.20 BPF with ABI standard is USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF certified. The performance of the bat is believed to increase with accelerated break in processes treatments. The bat performance factor gives you a good insight about the performance of this bat.


  1. Worth Mayhem Wood Maple/Bamboo SP

This is perfect for those who are looking for wood with a bamboo core for durability, but with a hard maple hitting surface for performance. With an increased durability, this is more than just the typical wood bat you see on the market. This ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF certified bat gives a guaranteed weight drop. This is great for practice, recreational practice and the wood bat tournaments.


  1. Worth Amp ASA SP

This one piece bat is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF certified. The alloy material creates maximum trampoline effect. The thin walls and shells gives an improved performance and feel. The alloy is the most common type of material and has an indirect influence on bat performance. Alloy tends to deliver more responsive barrel walls due to its thinness. The thinner the walls, the greater would be the deflect of the walls. The trampoline effect is also greater with thinner walls. By the thin wall design and alloy material, bat barrels give a good pop. This one piece bat is ideal for maximized swing speed and hitting performance. However, this does not allow more vibration control and you have to put in your energy to generate power. This bat definitely returns with an impact, so you know exactly how much strength you need to use to get the fastest hit and farthest distance. The Whiplash Technology has a 30% thinner taper handle for reduced weight and firmer grip. This increases the bat speed and allows a power swing. The design produces a bat with longer barrel and light weight overall frame because the thickness of the taper handle has been reduced while adding flex. The Worth Amp has a balanced design that allows maximum bat control and faster swing due to its evenly distributed weight.


  1. Worth SBMSWA Mayhem Balanced SP

This one piece single wall bat is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF certified. This design gives a stiffer bat that is stronger but has little flex. Although it has a smaller sweetspot, this is preferred by power hitters due to the less flex. The Single Wall design makes the bat lighter, which allows the player to swing it with power. Single Wall bats are constructed with for enhanced performance. It gives you the feel and power of a high end bat. The alloy material creates a noticeably ping sound but makes a strong lighter bat. With a smaller barrel, it is easier to grip. Because it is made of Aerospace alloy, the bat becomes light and stiff. With a balanced swing weight, the player is able to make a power swing and gain control through its hitting zone.


  1. Worth SBMAYD Mayhem SP

This bat is ideal for players who prefers something less than $200 but want to use an ASA and USSSA certified slowpitch softball bat. This balanced bat is fine for base hitting. It is easier to swing. Control is better with an evenly distributed weight, such as the balanced bat. The Seamless Triple Technology utilizes seamless walls for unmatched performance. It is sturdier and thicker with more trampoline effect. The seamless design has continuous strands of fiber run throughout the length of the bat. This gives a uniform strength and max performance. The Tri-seamless technology gives a seamless triple wall barrel effect and also allows maximum compression. The perfectly seamless overall layout of the barrel adds up to the solidity and performance. In addition, the seamless technology ensures the barrel is durable enough to last multiple seasons. The one piece fully composite design gives a stronger, stiffer bat with a little flex as possible, which is generally favored by power hitters. One piece bat gives the least vibration while you hit the ball with your best shot, but you have to create the right swing so you can put all your energy and generate enough power for your power hit.


  1. Worth SBSRU Sick 454 Resmondo Max BJ Fulk

This one piece 100% composite bat is a USSSA, NSA and ISA certified. The Worth’s 454 technology extends the sweetspot two inches in both directions. It actually plays a good part in maximizing your homerun potential by allowing you to control your swing. With such precision craftsmanship, this makes zeroing the ball even easier. Hitters need the benefits the composite bats give to be able to pound the ball with force. Composite bats help reduce vibration and give as little sting as possible with miss-hit balls. The ping sound of composite bats is like the crack of a tree branch. It is easier to control the weight distribution of a bat made with a composite material. In addition, it has a larger sweetspot and more pop. This slowpitch softball bat is a BJ Fulk Signature Model, but require a break in time. One piece bats are more balanced and practically stiffer. This 2 ¼” barrel diameter bat has the Resmondo loading design with a full 1 oz endload. The Resmondo endload gives the batter a huge power boost if you are strong enough to swing a heavier feeling bat. All composite Worth slowpitch bats are made in one of the most advanced composite labs in the world located in Minnesota.


  1. Worth Sick 454 Balanced SP

This 2 ¼” barrel diameter slowpitch bat is approved for the ASA only. This bat features a long 14.5” barrel length with a balanced load. The Sick 454 design uses a new two part resin process, which results in a stronger with a legendary pop bat. The sweetspot is larger and extended about 2 inches in both directions. Optimized for better control, the larger sweet spot gives an enhanced feel when the ball makes contact with the bat. This bat is approved by ASA only and may not be allowed for play in any other associations. This bat gives the best batted ball exit speeds you may have not yet seen in your lifetime. Slowpitch bats are meant for games that involves slower throws. The engineered composite carbon fiber is hotter with the largest sweetspot in the industry. The HMF technology makes use of a stiffer taper flex to improve durability. HMF stands for the High Modulus Fibers that feature a smaller diameter for stronger and higher performing composite. The HMF technology reduces the amount of space between them, which results in an amplified strength for greater performance. This bat gives a balanced swing weight.


  1. 2016 Worth Sick HD52 SP

The HD52 technology finely tunes the bat to maximize performance and durability with the Hot Dot 52/300 ball. This means the compression of the ball has been reduced and may need more from the slowpitch softball bat. With the Tri-Seamless technology one piece design, the seamless walls offer unmatched performance and durability. The HD52 technology is also being utilized to give an out of the wrapper peak performance. This bomb dropper is truly 100% tuned to hitting the softer core Hot Dot 52/300 ball. This bat is approved for ASA. This bat is a BJ Fulk Signature Series. This uses the Resmondo 1 oz endload technology to help you achieve your power hit. The end load weighting is usually preferred by power hitters. The end load weight signifies the weight distribution is heavier towards the end of the barrel.


10.Worth SBLGSW Legit Performance SP

This single alloy slowpitch bat is made with an alloy material of single wall design. The legit alloy is an aerospace alloy that optimizes the trampoline capability and durability of the bat. It is incredibly important you select the right bat for the right game that appropriately match your hitting power. This one piece bat gives you minimum flex, but considered stronger. One piece alloy bats are excellent for slowpitch games and are believed to be extremely strong. Balanced bats boast of an evenly distributed weight from the knob to the end cap. This is most popular to give a balanced swing weight. This 2 ¼” barrel diameter bat is ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF certified.

To learn more about the Top 10 Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats click on our main page of Worth here.

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Top 10 Demarini Slowpitch Softball Bats 2016

Top 10 Demarini Slowpitch Softball Bats 2016

2016 top Demarini Softball batsFinding the right slowpitch softball bat and brand is the key to getting big hits in a softball league. It is important to know that although a softball and a baseball bat look the same, you cannot use a softball bat to play baseball or use the baseball bat to play softball.  There is a noticeable difference between the two in terms of length, weight and barrel diameters. These features directly influence the bat swing speed. Slowpitch bats are designed to hit slugging softballs at 25 mph.

Below find the top 10 Demarini slowpitch softball bats

  1. 2016 Juggy Og

This bat has a 2.25” barrel diameter and 12” stacked composite barrel length. This ASA certified bat provides a strong, lightweight hitting zone and a two piece feel. With the composite bat, the ball can be hit much harder and reach farther distances. Usually, composite bats have graphite and carbon fibers. The DeMarini Juggy Og was born to go deep. The endloaded triple wall barrel provides a springboard surface. The length of the barrel provides a strong hitting zone. Powerful hitters prefer an endloaded softball bat because it increases the contact with the ball and add about 10 to 30 feet to the distance of the hit. With its stacked composite design, it gives players the power they demand when they get to the plate. With the TR3 F.L.O. composite handle, the energy is focused on the sweetspot. This results in more power and faster bat speed. The Big D End Cap has been designed to increase the endload with the stiff end cap. This feature makes the softball bat a beast.

  1. 2016 CL22 Stadium

The 2016 CL22 Stadium is one of the Demarini’s high end slowpitch softball bat. It gives a 12” barrel length, which provides improved hitting power. The thin handle joined to the wider barrel has a constant width over its entire length. Every good player needs the right bat with the right length and balance. This bat is USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF certified and uses an endloaded S. One Composite Barrel, which is generally recognized to have a little more pop. This composite feature gives a trampoline advantage due to its more elastic properties and stiffness along the length of the bat. Composite bats are created for a targeted trampoline effect. It also optimizes bending stiffness and minimizes stinging sensation. Endloaded bats have extra mass at the end of the barrel so it can increase the bat’s distance capabilities to deliver maximum performance and power. The Big D End Cap increases the endload and helps maintain power in the sweetspot. It contains energy and works with the ZnX Alloy handle for less flex at the taper and more deflect so can increase the overall barrel performance at the point of impact. The ZnX Alloy increases the bat’s stiffness and durability. The combination of the zinc and aluminum results in a heat treatable alloy that increases material strength and makes the 2016 CL22 a special bat to get.

  1. 2015 Flipper Aftermath 1.20

The Demarini Flipper is the most recent addition to its slowpitch softball bat line. With the brand new Divergence technology for the composite barrel, the barrel wall moves horizontally to create the most force possible. The DeMarini bats is one of the most recognized name in slowpitch softball. The Flipper Aftermath is ASA approved and provides a multi barrel wall, two piece hybrid design, and an endloaded swing weight. A hybrid bat is only possible in a two piece design. The technology and design of a two piece bat can help you in hitting harder. The 13” barrel gives you the best sweetspot for farthest hits. This two piece has a larger sweetspot and gives you a lot of flex, which gives you more swing and power and a better chance of making distant hits. The handle is made of an SC4 Alloy constructed with its exclusive Divergence technology to create a super responsive sweetspot for optimal power and control. The Flipper Dish End Cap drives energy on contact to the sweetspot. This creates an ultimate trampoline effect. This bat is cool for use with a .52 COR and 300 compression softball.

  1. 2016 Flipper Aftermath OG

This two piece composite bat constructed with the exclusive Divergence technology could make your jaws drop. This ASA certified 2.25” barrel diameter and 13” barrel length has been designed to crush the .52 COR and 300 compression ball. The Flipper OG is slightly endloaded and features two layers of composite materials that creates a super responsive sweetspot and allows maximum control. The ZnX Alloy handle increases the durability and stiffness of the bat. It allows less flex and forces the barrel to deflect more. Uniting the zinc to aluminum significantly raise the material strength. The taper, point of contact, has less flex. The ZnX Alloy handle increases the overall barrel performance. The barrel is made of composite material. Composite bats decreases the tingling sensation and vibrations, which includes the tingle of the softball shock. This bat is definitely the right choice for a slowpitch play. With the Dish End Cap, a mass stiffness is created at the end of the barrel. This drives the energy back to the sweetspot, which is its exact position.

  1. 2016 Ultimate Weapon

This one piece, single wall design is the ultimate weapon for tourneys and leagues. There are leagues and tournaments that do not allow multi-wall or composite barrel bats. Although one piece softball bats use the same material, it gives a stronger, stiffer bat with as little flex as possible. This single wall bat has been constructed with the durability and power in mind. This solid bat gives you some occasional decent pop. This 2.25” barrel diameter and 13” barrel length softball bat is USSSA, ASA, NSA and ISA certified. This is constructed with the ZnX Alloy handle for better barrel performance to make you jog around the bases, while the outfielders are running for the fences.

  1. 2016 SF8 ASA

This 13” barrel length, 2 ¼” barrel diameter, and Znx Alloy double wall barrel bat has been designed to give the best pop for the serious hitters. The bat gives an easy swing with greatest speed and power. A bat too short does not provide maximum power, while a bat too long is difficult to handle. The 13” length is just enough to give the player the right feel and the proper balance. The barrel length is home to an oversized sweetspot and allows a good pop. The best way to determine if the length is a good fit for your height is to stand straight and hold the bat about an inch away from the knob. If the bat touches the ground, it is a good fit for you, if not, it could be too short for you. The SF8 has been built to demonstrate consistent performance. The two or dual barrel wall provides more layers for spring action and thought to produce a more trampoline effect. The proprietary ZnX Alloy with a C6 composite handle specifically designed to work well with the dual wall makes the ball to jump off the barrel during contact. By changing the angle of weave of the composite material, the handle can be made softer, while maintaining a stiff barrel. Composite materials make it possible for the manufacturer to design a bat to its targeted performance and feel. The C6 composite built for precision batter control gives the handle better flex and performance. The ZnX Alloy is a mix of the aluminum and zinc metals. The metals are heat treated to give less vibration and more stiffness. The bat has a 6mm grip and patented RCK knob for firmer grip and improved feel including design. The knob helps reduce the negative shock on solid shots. This bat is ASA, USSSA, ISA and NSA certified.

  1. 2016 Mercy ASA

This 13” barrel length and 2 ¼” barrel diameter is a two piece 100% composite bat with a 6mm bat grip and RCK knob. The Demarini Mercy has been designed to crush the .52 COR and 300 compression softball. The Mercy has been built using the proprietary composite design in multiple lay-ups. The result is one of the stiffest composites known in the softball game. The Big D End Cap technology helps reduce the stinging vibrations. This bat is ASA certified. Players wanting higher swing speed can benefit more from the stiffer handle provided by the stiff one piece feel of the Mercy. The one composite barrel adds up to the blazing bat speed.

  1. 2016 Raw Steel ASA

The Raw Steel provides a 13” carburized steel barrel. Part of the hitting portion is carburized forming a carburized layer with an inner and outer steel surface. The heating and treating processes are patented by the DeMarini. Using a carburized steel barrel increases the bat’s durability and performance. This ASA, USSSA, ISA and NSA certified bat is perfect for tourneys and leagues. The single wall barrel design is perfect for leagues that do not allow composite and multi-wall barrels. Single wall bats have a generally good impact response and effectively transfers power to the batted ball. This two piece, ZnX Alloy handle has a 6mm grip and RCK knob. The handle allows less flex and allows it to deflect for better performance. This bat has an endloaded swing weight and a Big D End Cap. With more of its weight oriented towards the end, a player can really enjoy momentum that translates to distance. To top it all, the Big D End Cap increases the endload and keeps the power at the sweetspot.

  1. 2016 Uprising

This is a 2 ¼” barrel diameter and a 13” barrel length. The Uprising gives a balanced swing in a single piece space. It is intended for the possible lightest swing. However, you must be aware of the sting issue that comes with the use of this bat. The Uprising comes with the revamped DX1 Alloy and Hybrid Performance grip to ensure durability and perfect performance at an affordable cost. This bat does not require a break in. Great for use of younger players because of its lighter feel. This bat is good for new players. The Hybrid Performance Grip allows the player to keep a firm grasp for optimum performance. The DX1 Alloys boosts performance and enhances durability.

10.2016 The One Senior Balanced

The Senior Balanced helps you crush the ball with overpowering force. It simply delivers the power and balance a good player needs to dominate at the plate. With the two piece 100% composite design, this bat allows an optimized feel and firm grip. The RCK knob and Bid D End Cap give you improved bat control and a balanced swing weight. This 13” barrel length and 2 ¼” barrel diameter is SSUSA certified. When someone tells you to act your age, you should use The One Senior Balanced with a 6mm bat grip and two piece construction. This simply lets you dominate the field. With age comes beauty and an overpowering force. This bat is good for the senior league. The balanced design offers fluid motion throughout the swing for optimal power.

We hope you likes our Top 10 2016 Demarini Slow pitch Softballs Bats

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