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Top 10 Easton Slow pitch Softball Bats

Top 10 Easton Slow pitch Softball Bats

easton_logoThe number of home runs per game reveals the most information about bat performance in the field. With a hotter bat, the player can hit the ball out for a home run. The Easton has always put out a top of the line slowpitch softball bat. Its O-Zone technology creates a large sweet spot while the ConneXion technology maximizes its energy transfer with a reduced vibration. Having a bat you are satisfied and comfortable with can practically change your game. The Easton brand is popular for its amazing handle gauze grip. Here is the list of the top 10 Easton slowpitch softball bats.

1. Mako Torq Loaded

This softball bat has been designed to bring the power back to every hitter. Built with the two piece ConneXion technology, where the barrel and handle were made separately and later bonded together, the Easton Mako Torq shared a groundbreaking innovation of a lighter, more durable bat. The patented ConneXion technology allows a very efficient energy transfer. The hinge technology it uses isolates the handle from the barrel so it can virtually eliminate all vibration. You gain an amazing back power with a boosted feel. The Torq Technology is revolutionary and is the newest in the softball industry. It features a 3600 rotating handle that allows the hand to naturally and freely rotate, which makes it possible to improve the timing at the plate as well as eliminate early rollover. The Torq 360 handle technology helps keep the barrel on the plane longer. The TCT Thermo Composite Technology is an exclusive Easton technology that gives players more barrel in the hitting zone or expands the hitting zone for maximum power and unmatched bat speed. This end loaded model have more weight oriented towards the end of the bat, which is more favored by power hitters. The extra mass in the barrel produces a ton of momentum that translate to having more distance. The handle is made of composite, which are pretty durable and high performing. It gives an ultra thin gauze grip. Composite bats definitely reign supreme in slowpitch softball games. This bat is ASA certified.

2. Brett Helmer Loaded

This ASA and ISF certified bat features a two piece ConneXion technology that improves the feel and power in every swing. It is used to connect the 12” barrel to its SICTM black carbon handle to maximize the energy swing to the ball. The patented CXN technology eliminates vibration and maximizes energy transfer for an optimized feel. The SIC refers to the solid impact construction black carbon. The spiral wrapped carbon fibers gives a more forgiving feel due to its tuned out hard vibration. The SIC black carbon is used in the handle of more expensive models. The 12” barrel gives an extra half ounce endload most needed by big power hitters. With this extra mass, momentum can surely translate into distance. This slowpitch softball bat offers a HyperskinTM Grip to enhance feel and performance at the plate. It is lightweight and allows a second skin grip feel of the bat. This is a signature bat of Brett Helmer.

3. 2016 Bryson Baker Balanced

This USSSA two piece composite bat has been designed for players looking for a balanced control and softer feel on contact. The layered composite material has been known as a material to which the ball jumps off. It makes it possible for the composite material to control the weight distribution of the bat. Composite bats tend to have lesser vibration and minimal sting from a miss hit ball. It also has a larger sweet spot and more pop, especially with this 13.5” barrel. The 13.5” barrel has been designed to provide an evenly balanced bat for controlled power. The quality design of this bat has been built to enhance performance and swing. The IMX composite is used in the handles of slightly less expensive versions of the Easton. This Bryson Baker signature bat uses the IMX composite barrel for maximum performance and optimum sweetspot. The handle and the barrel are joined together using the patented ConneXion rubber piece to give it a more whip feel. The 1.2 mm HyperskinTM grip has been designed to provide a firm grip surface. The patented technology is expected to absorb the shock from the impact upon contact between the bat and the ball. The SICTM Black Carbon Handle reduces the vibration upon contact and improves the feel. Easton has taken the credit to manufacture softball bats that are really targeted to the preferences of the player. This bat has a nicer feel and swing.

4. 2016 Scott Kirby Loaded

This ASA certified and Scott Kirby signatured slowpitch softball bat has been designed for players who want a softer feel on contact. The 2016 series boasts of its endloaded two piece composite design. The best material for slowpitch softball bats is the composite, which is consists of carbon fiber, graphite, and fiberglass. The lightweight of the composite materials helps in making the player control the swing easily, generate higher speed, enhance the trampoline effect and gives flex without producing a ping sound when the ball touches it. The bat is strong and have the tendency to outperform bats made of aluminum and wood. The 12” barrel is endloaded for maximum power. The IMX enhances the sweetspot, increases performance, and uses the two piece technology to maximize energy transfer. The two piece connection provides added flex. The SIC black carbon handle has been designed to reduce the vibration on contact and improve the feel. In addition, the CXN technology adds more power for every swing by eliminating the vibration. This bat simply kills all vibration a player feels during miss hits. The Easton hyperskin grip offers a soft textured surface that allows an enhanced grip and cushion for superior feel.

5. 2016 Brian Wegman Loaded USSSA

This USSSA certified bat is the signature bat of Brian Wegman. The bat has a 12” barrel endloaded with an extra half ounce for more bat power. This bat features a one piece composite design to meet your league or tournament requirements. With the extra half ounce more at the end, the player is able to generate high swings. Endloaded bats weight orientation allows the player more distance and a comfortable swing. Lately, the composite bats begin to seriously compete with the aluminum bats. An all composite slowpitch softball bat has achieved the #1 ranking in terms of performance at the 2001 Bat Wars. It successfully outperformed the aluminum bats. Depending on the preference of the power hitter, the one piece bat is made of a continuous one piece metal that gives a little stiff feel or none at all when contact is made with the ball. One piece bats have reduced flex that prevents energy lost resulting in more power. Power hitters prefer the above average bat speed of one piece bats. The IMXTM Composite Technology stands for the patented Integrated Matrix Technology. The IMX has been designed to optimize the relationship between the materials and the design. Bats that used IMX are usually made of carbon and Kevlar fibers. Easton is a developer and manufacturer of softball bats for sports enthusiasts and the professionals. The IMX strengthens the composite structures and optimizes the design for optimum performance. This bat uses the single system composite design so the player can receive solid feedback at contact. The single system technology gives the players a stiffer handle design and more bat control and balance while still maintaining an expansive hitting area. The SICTM black carbon handle eliminates vibration while the HyperskinTM grip offers a second skin fit of the bat. It also minimizes the sting, eliminates vibration, and absorbs shock.

6. 2015 Salvo

This ASA and USSSA slowpitch softball bat has proven performance and is back by popular demand. This one piece bat is also available in Senior Softball models. The taller you are, the longer should be your bat. Deciding on the length and weight of the bat is a personal choice, but it will really affect comfort, style, swing, and sweetspot. Longer bats, such as this 13.5” barrel length Easton Salvo, provides greater reach and the ability of the player to connect with the pitches on the other side of the plate. The 1, 2 0r 3 oz endload are typically preferred for power hitting. The longer barrels provide forgiving sweetspots. The IMXTM Advanced Composite barrel is ultra responsive and serves to optimize the already larger sweetspot for maximum performance. This increases the overall performance throughout the softball bat. The Single System Composite Design features more bat control and an extra whip. With the ultra thin gauze grip, the players gets a perfect 0.6mm skinny handle. The type of bat you choose directly impacts your success. If you cannot stand to the pressure of the ball in contact with relevance to the weight and length of the slowpitch softball bat, then, you can never hit a home run. If you want to even hit the first base, then use the slowpitch Easton models.

7. 2015 Salvo Scandium

The Easton Salvo Series is back by popular demand. With its one piece design, it is the right bat for speed, balance and durability. As you may have already known, the one piece bat uses the same material all throughout the design and manufacture of the bat. This way, the player achieves a stronger and stiffer bat. Power hitters favor stronger bats with little flex as possible. This 12” barrel length is ASA and USSSA certified. The endload is usually 1 oz, 2 oz, or 3 oz. Endloaded bats give an extra weight at the end of the bat near the cap. The design provides an extra momentum, which is usually preferred by power hitters. This bat is recommended for stronger players who has the ability to control their swing. The ultra thin gauze grip handle is perfect for those who prefer a skinny handle. It gives an added comfort and a solid hold during swinging. The ultra thin gauze handle is great for players looking for tack without the bulkiness of most modern grips. The THT100TM Scandium Alloy is a very durable aluminum material that lets the player create a sweet ping sound upon hitting the ball. This technology is used to create an expanded sweetspot, more durability, as well as provide the right pop most players demand.

8. 2016 Speed Brigade S500

This 2013 ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF certified slowpitch bat gives a 34/26, 34/28, and 34/30 sizes. The 12” barrel has an end cap that is quite vital to performance. End cap wear or cracks are not allowed in the game. Weight are usually placed on the end cap or knob depending on the preference of the player. The adjustment of the weight can boost performance. The barrel length has an evenly balanced speed design for maximum swing speed and a lighter weight swing. The 7050 Aircraft Alloy gives a lighter swing weight while allowing fast swing speed. This is a heat treatable alloy that demonstrates toughness and strong mechanical strength. It has a good stress corrosion cracking resistance, which is one reason it is mainly used in the manufacturing of aircraft and other structures. The ultra thin handle is perfect for players who prefer a skinny handle. It will never give any problem in grabbing the handle or any discomfort during the game. The ultra thin handle grip gives you full control over the bat. All throughout the game, this bat gives you a great sweetspot for maximum performance.

9. 2016 Speed Brigade S50

This slowpitch bat is 2013 ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF certified. The 12” barrel is more forgiving and gives a larger sweetspot. The sweetspot is located at the middle of the barrel. With a shorter barrel, the sweetspot is placed closer to the end cap. The closer to the end cap, the faster the bat is able to contact the ball. The 7050 Aircraft Alloy has higher tensile strength, yield strength and fatigue strength. The technology created a special blend of zinc, copper, magnesium and scandium to create the lighter bat at a lower cost. It allows manufacturers to create thinner bats of stronger and better quality. This bat uses an ultra thin handle has been designed for a more comfortable feel and better bat control. It gives maximum bat speed by designing the bat to fit nicely into the fingers of the batter than the palm.

10.2016 Speed Brigade S300

This 12” barrel length slowpitch bat is a 2013 ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, and ISF certified. The ultra thin handle can make the bat fit nicely to the fingers of the player than at the palm. The handle provides comfort and an excellent bat control. The ultra thin handle has been designed to maximize bat speed. The thin handle is usually about 12” long for softball bats. It gives a constant width throughout the length of the barrel. The barrel material is made of a durable aluminum alloy, which gives an increased performance. Alloy bats are more durable and can still be used after a dent or minimal damage. Alloy bats demonstrate lighter weight but higher strength materials, where they benefit better from the trampoline effect and allow the ball to travel faster. The 12” barrel demonstrates an evenly balanced speed with an end cap.

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