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Top 5 Miken Slowpitch Softball Bats

Top 5  Miken Slowpitch Softball Bats 2016

Miken softball bats

Slowpitch softball bats can be used in recreational games or competitive leagues. It is used by both male and female individuals of any skill set and ages. The bat weighs about 26 to 20 ounces with generally 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter and almost 34 inches in length. The best bat for softball is usually consists of one solid piece. However, bats may consist of two solid pieces joined together at the center. A good bat, usually researched and refined by branded manufacturers, has certification stamps of the ASA or the USSSA printed on the bats. The stamps mean the bat has been approved and can be legally used in games these associations oversee.

Right bat for the right game

Technology has enormously advanced and made selecting a bat quite complicated. Bat selection largely controls the bat speed, strength, and pitch speed. Hardwood bats are getting obsolete and rarely seen today. Wood bats have thicker handles. Today’s bats are usually made of aluminum, steel, composites, titanium, and metal alloys. The inexpensive bats are those made from aluminum, which are usually used for recreational games. However, they are less responsive.

Below is the list of the best Miken slowpitch softball bats. Each year Miken upgrade their older bats and produce new bats. Miken is a very popular brand. One of the top players who loves to use Miken is Jeremy Isenhower. Miken specializes in top quality softball bats. The trademark is the 100 Comp revolutionary formula.

1. Miken PsychoTM Maxload ASA

This bat has been engineered with a 100% premium aerospace grade fiber for durability and performance. The aerospace fiber creates an enhanced durability, which includes better performance during a swing. This bat gives a great feel of ease and instant comfort. The Miken softball bat uses the revolutionary 100 CompTM formula to increase the premium aerospace and grade of the carbon fiber. The 100 Comp design makes the bat extremely durable and long lasting. This is best for athletes who want added power and distance from endload weighting. An endloaded model has more weight towards the end of the bat. Using this heavy bat gives you more power and larger hits. It has a 2 ¼” barrel diameter, ASA approved, and a 14” barrel length. This softball bat has 750X HPITM. The bat achieves its highest level of performance with a 750 pounds per square inch injection of ultra-tough epoxy at the aerospace carbon and aramid fibers. The carbon fiber technology reduces its overall weight and fatigue, which results in more game time of unmatched performance.

2. Miken Izzy PsychoTM Balanced USSSA

This bat provides a balanced feel, which results in faster swing speed. The one piece design provides better bat control. This bat has a 14” barrel length and a 2 ¼” barrel diameter. This USSSA certified and NSA and ISA stamped slowpitch softball bat features a slick glowing orange finish printed with the iconic psycho emblem. It also features the signature of Jeremy Isenhower. The black grip and black end cap are very noticeable. The extreme high pressure infusion of 750 pounds per square inch into the aerospace carbon and aramid fibers give the bat a changing level of performance. With a 100% premium grade fiber and a 100 CompTM formula, this bat definitely can deliver Miken’s legendary performance. The composite technology makes the bat lighter and able to boost power and swing speed. It has the best balanced and larger sweet spots. Balanced bats have an evenly distributed weight throughout the length of the bat. The balanced bat feels lighter and is easier to control, but may result in little increase of swing speed.

3. Miken Freak 52 Maxload

This one piece bat has been purposed designed for use with the .52 COR softball. It has massive sweet spots, hot multi-wall, and endload weighting. The endloaded bat increases the contact bat speed due to its weight, which is close to the hands. The weight that is out towards the end is easier to control. A maxload bat is more compact and provides a bigger sweet spot for hitting. It has a 14” barrel, 2 1/4” barrel diameter, and ASA approved. The gigantic 14” barrel is guaranteed to provide more sweet spots. It is made with a built to win 100 CompTM formula and engineered with a 100% aerospace grade fiber to deliver the Miken legendary performance. This is for speed hitting. Composite material bats are usually combined with a carbon fiber and are really expensive. Miken uses the PWR 360TM technology to give the bat 22% more material in resisting unwanted flex. The technology became a benchmark in one piece high performance softball bats. The triple wall design gives an unrivaled durability and performance. This bat is ideal for those who desires more power and distance.

4. Miken Ultra IITM Black Big Cat Endload SSUSA

This two piece bat has a massive sweetspot and ideal for senior players wanting added distance from an extra endload. Endloaded bats give more power and larger hits. Weight plays an important role in speed. The stiff handle flex is great for power hitters who love to play with maximum performance. Stiff bats are preferred by big hitting batters. This two piece bat is created in two sections. The barrel and the handle are bonded together and provide more flex at contact with the ball. It creates a different kind of whip effect, which practically increases the bat speed and power. Contact hitters prefer a two piece bat. It is created using the 100 CompTM formula and a 100% premium aerospace grade fiber. The aerospace material is enhanced by the Triple Matrix CoreTM technology. The Triple Matrix Core provides increased speed and durability by increasing

the aerospace volume by 5%. The carbonized process eliminated wall seams and reduced the vibration. It practically improved the feel of the bat. The Carbon-X Shell Technology provides added durability and maximum distance. It hits the bat further each time a contact is made. The player is able to dominate the game using this powerful slowpitch softball bat. The F2PTM Flex 2 Power maximizes the overall speed of the bat. The technology creates proper coordination between the bat and the barrel. It makes the difference for the handle work and the barrel. This 14” barrel length and 2 ¼” barrel diameter is SSUSA and ISA certified.

5. Miken Denny Crine DC-41 Supermax ASA

The bat is a Denny Crine signature series. This 14” barrel length and 2 ¼” barrel diameter is ASA approved. The 14” barrel length provides massive sweetspot and optimal handle flex that allows energy stored in the whip action during the swing. The energy is released at impact and gives a better batted ball speed. The hot multi-wall performance refers to more layers that allow it to produce more spring action. Multi-wall bats have more thicker and sturdier barrels and are more durable. Multi-wall bats create a lot more pop. It is a 100% CompTM certified Miken high performance bat making it one of the best bats available in the market. Two piece composite bats are durable and high performing. They are favorable and shows high demonstration of their extreme pop and durability. The bat engineering is 100% premium aerospace grade fiber, which is crucial in creating enhanced performance during a swing. With the combination of 100Comp design and aerospace grade carbon fiber, the bat offers more flexibility and performance expected of a top of the range composite bat. The Triple Matrix CoreTM technology increases the volume of the aerospace grade material by about 5%. It essentially eliminates wall seams to increase the bat’s volume. As a result, the bat is light weight, strong, and gives a unique pop and solid performance. This bat uses a F2PTM Flex 2 Power for an optimized handle flex and bat head overall speed.


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Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Slow-Pitch Softball Bat Terminology

softball batsI have always enjoyed watching softball and baseball games. I am a great spectator. But when it came time to purchase a serious bat for a family member, I was at a loss. I went online to research the type of bat that might work best and learned that in the world of slow-pitch softball bats, you have to know the lingo in order to understand what you are looking at. So, after a few hours of researching terminology, I decided to organize what I had learned and put it out there for others like myself who feel lost when it comes to doing more that just eating a hot dog in the stands.

The first thing I have learned is that there are at least eight different softball organizations, and they all have their own opinion about which kind of slow-pitch softball bat they will allow to be played in their leagues. So when you start to shop for a bat, the most important stamp of approval you need is from the ASA, which stands for Amateur Softball Association of America. These guys are the United States’ governing body and provide an official tournament database and information about Olympic, adult and youth divisions. Most of the slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball divisions are linked to the ASA, so before you buy that $300 bat, make sure it is approved by the ASA if you are playing in one of their divisions.

Other common abbreviations are USSA, which means United States Specialty Sports Association; NSA, National Softball Association; and ISA, Independent Softball Association. The ISA is an organization that sponsors fast-pitch softball tournaments and a world series.

Next you’ll see ISP, which is the nation’s largest collegiate sports marketing company. The ISP refers to themselves as “America’s home for college sports”. You will also see ISF, which is the International Softball Federation.

Finally, there is SSUSA and ISSA. These are the Senior Softball USA and International Senior Softball Association organizations. These organizations are for men and women over the age of 40.

Now that we have all the softball organizations that you will see listed figured out, the next task is to make sense of the “bat lingo”. Bat descriptions will have terms like handle flex rating, VRS rating, swing weight rating (MOI), end loading, extended barrel, wall thickness, and BPF. All of these are closely linked and have to do with the ease of swinging a bat, batted-ball speed, and the feel of the bat both before and after hitting the ball.

bat ball and mittThe handle flex rating refers to the flexibility of the bat. A handle flex rating can be anywhere between 100 and 60, with 100 being the stiffest handle and 60 being a handle with maximum flexibility. There is a lot of debate about which handle is better. Some slow-pitch softball bat manufacturers, like Louisville, believe a stiffer handle is better, while others such as Easton and Demarini, focus on the more flexible handle. Next is the BPF, or Bat Performance Factor. This determines one bat’s performance over another and places limits on a bat’s “springiness”. A rigid wall has a BPF of 1.00. All slow-pitch softball bats must have a BPF of 1.20.

Also related to the flexibility and springiness of a bat is the wall thickness. A thinner walled bat will produce a greater trampoline effect off of the bat, thus giving the player better performance. Slow-pitch softball bats are available with single-walled barrels and double-walled barrels. Where double-walled barrels are supposed to give a

better performance, the strength of the new composite single-walled bats allow the bat wall to be quite thin without compromising the integrity of the bat.

The next group of words, extended barrel, sweet spot, VRS, swing rate, and end loading, deals with actual ball-to-bat contact and the feel of the bat.

A slow-pitch softball bat with an extended barrel allows for a larger sweet spot for hitting the ball. The sweet spot is the optimum place to hit the ball.

The new lightweight composite slow-pitch softball bats offer a lighter swing rate, or moment-of-inertia (MOI). This allows for a player to swing faster with less effort. With the new light weight bats, however, comes lots of vibrations and sting when the ball is hit. So a consumer needs to have a high VRS rating on the bat. VRS refers to the vibration reduction system. A high VRS means the vibrations will stop faster, and reduce the sting felt by the batter. A bat with a lower the VRS rating will produce longer lasting vibrations and increase the sting.

Finally, bat manufacturers will use end loaded as part of the bat description. End loading is when a polyurethane material is added to the end of the bat barrel to add weight. The material fills 1- 4 inches of the bat barrel. The concentration of mass in the barrel moves the sweet spot further out and creates more momentum, thus giving the bat a higher MOI.

So there is slow-pitch baseball bat buying 101. Now that things make a little more sense, visit www.softballslowpitchbats.net and find the perfect bat for the slow-pitch softball player in your life. Happy Shopping!

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Miken Softball Bats For Winners

Miken Softball Bats for Winning Games


Everybody loves to play sports, especially for those people who are dealing with sports for many years already. One of the ideal sports that most people are playing is the softball game. When it comes to softball, there had been many competitions that are being held for those professional players. In this regard, one must be equipped with all the necessary equipments in order to win a game. In playing with softball, one of the most valuable tools to be use is the bat, and in order to ensure winnings in your game, makes sure to use Miken softball bats for every game that you are going to play.
No one ever dream of playing softball game while handling poor quality bats. Most of the time, players will always spend money and invest a good amount of cash with those high quality bats like the Miken softball bats. If you desire to enjoy your game more, then the use of this kind of bat must be the answer to your concern. There had been lots of players already who had tried the use of these Miken softball bats, and they were all satisfied with its quality. Aside from having more chances in winning the game, you can also have more chances of enjoying your time while playing.
One of the great advantages of these Miken softball bats is the fact that it is just so light in weight. Thus, anyone can carry it well especially when having a tournament with softball. Most of the time, the kind of bat that players are using are also the secret in winning a game. Thus, always look for those high quality softball bats like Miken softball bats. With the use of it, winning a game is never impossible!

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