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Top 10 Best Slowpitch Softballs 2016

Top 10 Best Slowpitch Softballs 2016

Best Slowpitch SoftballsSoftballs do not travel in a straight trajectory. With the right slowpitch softball and proper technique, you can make it appear flying across the middle of the home plate, but then you can curve it toward the hands of the batter holding a slowpitch softball bat. If you are looking to win your softball game, you should learn how to choose and buy the right kind of ball and bat for use in your softball league game.

Read more about the relevance of the softball aerodynamics to the physics involved in the making of a slowpitch softball. Without prior knowledge, it would be impossible to note the differences between a fast pitch softball and a slowpitch softball.

Today’s winning team is a marvel of the modern design and construction of the softball. Manufacturers try to compete with each other by manufacturing balls and bats that generate higher ball velocities and longer ball flights. Depends on how it was made, softballs can pose a serious head injury just like the traditional harder softball.

Relevance of slowpitch softball sizes

All softballs may look the same. For the trained eye, the size, COR, and compression factors are important features to look closely with. Softballs come in a variety of sizes. The size of the ball you are going to use may depend on the rules.

Fastpitch leagues may need the 12” size. The younger youth leagues may need the 10” or the 11” ball. The slowpitch softball may use the 11” or the 12” ball. For windy areas like the Chicago, you may be required to use the 16” softballs. Though bigger balls do not travel as far as the smaller balls, they are perfect for small parks. The 14” and 16” balls are very soft and may not need fielding gloves for catching.

COR is the rate at which the ball reflects back. The higher the COR, the higher the bounce. The higher the core number, the higher would be the reflectivity. Core 52 is flexible bouncy. A core 44 gives a medium flexibility. Core 40 is less flexible. Core 40 have poor performance.

Compression refers to the hardness of the ball. Higher compression provides harder balls. The harder the ball, the farther it will fly. A 375 compression ball is considered as low. A 275 compression ball is softer than a 525 pound ball. The 525 pound ball can be as hard as a rock.

Here are the top 10 best slowpitch softballs 2016

  1. The Dudley SB12 Training Cork Softballs

The granulated cork core has its own heat fused urethane binder system and compression molded for added strength. The red colored stitched seams make it possible to increase grip. It has a .47 COR and 375 pounds of compression. The cork center has a leather outer wrapping to prevent being easily worn out from repeated use. The cork materials ensure the entire ball demonstrates the same toughness and durability hit after hits of repeated use. If you are non-pitcher, this ball offers better control. If you are a pitcher, this ball offers more grip and control with less speed.


  1. Decker ASA Red Shark 12” Super Grip Slowpitch Softball

The optic yellow color gives the player maximum visibility. The optic yellow color became the standard leather color for better, competitive game. The leather cover provides increased durability. The leather cover appeals to the senses and makes it easy to spot and easy to grip. With a .52 COR and 300 pounds of compression, this ball is a favorite for almost all types of weather conditions. It can withstand hot heat and humid temperatures. This slowpitch softball has been designed for premium performance. The manufacturer has manipulated hardness for competitive advantage and control.


  1. Worth Hot Dot 12” Slowpitch Softball

Manufactured with the Worth’s Poly-X high density cork core. With a .52 COR and 300 pound compression, it demonstrates more power and durability even in heat or cold weather conditions. The synthetic Pro Tac leather cover promotes durability to make it last under multiple batting games. The C-Lok technology adhesive and moisture barrier, helps the ball repel moisture while maintaining its ideal compression rating. The moisture barrier ensures the ball’s interior is completely sealed. The Hot Dot technology ensures the ideal compression is maintained even in high heat. Consistency is experienced when hitting. Softball hitting is one important aspect of this sport. Less powerful hitters can demonstrate excellent performance while heavy hitters can go a greater distance using this ball.

  1. deBeer 12” Official Clincher Specialty Slowpitch Softballs

The soft but strong hand sewn, full grain TruTech pearl leather cover design provides added player preferred feel and durability. The steam welded Kapok cork center ensures it performs perfectly during the game. Only high quality balls, such as the deBeer softballs use a Kapok core. Kapok is made from the kapok tree fibers grown in tropical climates.  The clinched tough non-exposed white seams are most favorable for playground surfaces or recreational games in city settings.  The ball provides an elastic shell winding for high quality slowpitch softball. deBeer believes in innovation that enhances the player’s performance and ability. The clincher remains as the most popular balls in New York and Chicago.

  1. Baden 11” ASA Fire Slowpitch Softball

This ball features a .44 COR and 375 pound compression. The Baden is an ASA approved softball for 2015. The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) has a testing and certification program designed to protect the integrity of the sport by examining the specifications. Its patented Fire Power core maximizes performance with an improved durability. The optic yellow color with red stitching gives an elegant, stylish look. The optic yellow color has been approved by ASA. The synthetic leather cover provides more durability.

  1. Wilson 12” Lighting USSSA Synthetic Slowpitch Softballs

The Wilson Lighting last longer than the regular average slowpitch softballs. It gives a .40 COR and compression of 325 pounds. The ball has a solid poly core that does not break down easily compared to the cork softballs. This is one of the best known consistent playing softballs with an optic yellow synthetic leather cover and blue stitching available for maximum brightness and residual tack. With a two sided adhesive coated cover, extra durability is added to make the balls last longer. The two sided adhesive coated cover is exclusive only to the Wilson/Demarini Lightning line of slowpitch softballs. This ball is approved by the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA).

  1. Easton 12” Softouch Incrediball

This ball uses a polyurethane core that provides high density and maximum resiliency, reduces bat damage, gives the ball a great feel and reduces bat vibration sting on contact. It gives a unique safety core for reduced injuries. The polyurethane core controls the bulk properties of the ball, which includes the COR and the ball compression. The ball has a durable synthetic leather cover for limited flight, good feel, and aesthetic appeal. This ball is perfect for indoor and outdoor training. Good for younger players’ game play. This ball is great for practicing proper fielding and throwing. Great for players of all ages.

  1. Champro 11” ASA Game Flat Seam Slowpitch Softball

This ball has a .44 COR and compression of 375 pounds. The Champro softballs contain coded center panels for ball construction identification. It provides an optic yellow durahide cover for an improved grip. This ASA certified ball has a flat seam and red stitch. Flat seam balls replaced the raised seam balls as the standard for college play to improve batting performance. The drag coefficient of flat seam balls is about 25% lower than raised seam balls. Flat seam balls travel farther than the raised seam balls when hit. The flight trajectory of a ball is entirely dependent on its aerodynamics characteristics. Drag crisis is also called as the aerodynamic drag that determines the amount of air resistance as the ball moves. The flat seams create less disturbance in the boundary layer, thus giving a higher flow. The effect of air resistance is smallest for heavy balls having large diameters.

  1. Evil Ball 12” ASA Slowpitch Softball

This ASA approved ball has a .52 COR and compression of 300 pounds. This is the best ball to use during hot weather. It can go the maximum distance with less or minimum damage. A COR of 52 will make the ball bounce back at 52 mph when hit with a 100 mph hard bat. Starting 2014, ASA only allow the use of a 52/300 12” softball. The ball specifications can protect the players, especially with the use of metal bats. The ball has a yellow premium grade leather cover with red stitch and a poly core for highest durability and powerful performance. This ball has been designed for thousands of game and quality batting practice swings. It does not damage composite bats. The leather cover is porous and offers a better grip. It performs well and has been tested with its durability. The yellow color enhances visibility. This Evil ball uses its exclusive HOT technology, which stands for Harmonic Optimization Technology. This innovation combined with the polyurethane core construction and a Vapor Block cover gives you the best softball hit for ASA.

10.Franklin Sports 12” Tournament Slowpitch Softball

This ball has a .44 COR and a compression of 375 pounds. Aerodynamic features are perfect for the slowpitch league play. The .44 COR speed bounce off the wall would be about 35 miles per hour. The compression measures how hard the ball is. The higher the compression, the harder the ball. This is good for temperatures over 100 degrees. Studies have shown an average softball loses 200 pounds of compression at a 100 degree temperature. It is constructed with a solid polyurethane core and a durable optic yellow Syntex. The ball’s optic yellow color provides higher visibility. The solid polymer core controls the bulk properties, which includes the COR and compression.

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