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Seven Best USSSA Bats

Seven Best USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bats

With all the slow pitch softball bats on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? Here is a list of the top seven slow pitch softball bats, in no particular order, from lead manufacturers such as Miken, Worth, and Easton. All of these bats are approved by the USSSA, and can be found at www.slowpitchsoftballbats.com. Please note that these bats are not ASA approved.

Miken’s newest 2016 USSSA approved slow pitch softball bat is the “MV3”. The “MV3” has two different models, the “MV3 Maxload” and the “MV3 Balanced”. Both bats are exactly the same except the “Maxload” is engineered for maximum distance, where as the “Balanced” has been precision balanced to achieve maximum speed. Features shared by these bats are 100% premium aerospace grade fiber and innerflex technology, which delivers precisely calibrated handle flex and energy transfer to optimize barrel rebound. The barrel is also end loaded for maximum distance. Both bats retail at around $300.

Miken has also introduced their “Psycho Super Max” slow pitch softball bat for 2016. This bat carries the Denny Crine signature. It is made of 100% premium aerospace grade fiber. The ballistic crosslinked system provides 300% higher elongation for increased resilience at impact, superior durability, and unmatched barrel rebound. The “Super Max” is also end loaded for maximum distance. Users have described the “Psycho Super Max” as having a good grip, large sweet spot, and a great pop. The “Psycho Super Max” retails at about $250. None of the above Miken slow pitch softball bats are ASA approved.

youth softball batsTwo more great USSSA approved slow pitch softball bats are the Worth “Titan” and the Worth “Resmando Titan”. Both of these bats retail at about $300 and are not ASA approved. The “Titan” has a 100% composite barrel with a sweet spot that is extended 2” towards the end cap. It has a multi composite core for maximum rebound and durability. The multiwall design of the barrel allows for a flexible barrel for increased performance. The “Titan” also touts a stiff handle and balanced weight for batting control and consistency.

The Worth “Resmando Titan” slow pitch softball bat claims to be the best end loaded bat in the industry with increased strength and power. It has the largest sweet spot of all 100% composite designs running the entire length of the barrel. This bat combines strength and flexibility and provides hitters with a massive sweet spot and remarkable durability. It also has a pro pebble composite grip for maximum grip and feel.

Easton has checked into the 2011 line up of USSSA approved slow pitch softball bats with their “Synergy Tri Zone” and “Stealth Tri Zone”. The “Synergy Tri Zone” is made of aerospace grade fibers that are layered and angled to maximize the hitting area. It has a 12” slightly loaded extended barrel and can hit at speeds of 100+ mph. The “Synergy Tri Zone” retails at the $300 mark and is not ASA approved.

The Easton “Stealth Tri Zone” slow pitch softball bat is also made with aerospace grade fibers. Its two piece connection maximizes energy transfer and reduces bat vibration. It has a 13.5” slightly end loaded barrel for more power hitting at speeds of 100+ mph. Another superior bat by Easton, the “Stealth Tri Zone” will cost around $300 and is not ASA approved.

So there are the top 2016 USSSA approved slow pitch softball bats from three of the leading manufacturers. Now, “take me out to the ball game”!

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