Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats

Another great brand in the world of Worth Slowpitch softball bats is Worth brand softball bats.

Worth slowpitch softball bats

Worth Softball bats are also excellent bats.  We have found that their bats are more affordable than most. They seem to get great reviews, even being a more an affordable product.  You can purchase a Worth slowpitch softball bat between the prices of $100-160.00, in most cases.  You can not say the same about the other branded softball bats.  When shoppong for the perfect bat for you, you may want to give them a shot.  If you are like us, we use 2-3 softball bats a year.  We like to rotate them and see really what kind of bat is truly the best softball bat.

Worth technology for slowpitch bats

  • Seamless Tri Wall design delivers durability and highest one piece performance. The Tri Wall barrel promotes pop with a larger hitting surface. The seamless walls compete for unmatched performance. Multi-Wall bats, such as the Tri Wall design, are more durable and usually thicker and sturdier. They generally have more trampoline effect due to the multiple layers supporting and providing spring action. The Seamless Tri Wall designed bat delivers more pop.
  • Endloaded bats give more hitting power through the zone. It allows the player the ability to drive the ball deeper to the gaps and over walls. Definitely a super energized bat for power hitters. Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats have endloaded swing weights. More weight is oriented towards the end of the bat. With the extra mass, one can generate a ton of momentum that can cover a considerable distance. If you are into high swing speeds, you benefit more from using an endloaded bat. The design results in more distance. The extra half ounce or ounce of weight are usually concentrated at the end of the bat near the end cap. Players favor extra momentum with a swing for fences. Only players who can control their swing should use an endloaded bat.
  • One piece design uses the same material throughout the bat. With this design, you get a stronger and stiffer bat with as little flex as possible. Power hitters looking for as little flex as possible love to use one piece. One piece bats are stiffer, less expensive and show less flex. One piece bats have smaller sweetspot.
  • 454 Technology extends the sweetspot for two inches more in both directions. The 454 boasts of its balanced weight distribution. If you are looking for consistency at the plate and ultimate control of your game, this bat is definitely for you. The 454 sleek graphics significantly reduces vibration and sting. The Worth 454 technology has a two phase resin system that makes the engineered carbon fiber composite hotter and stronger.
  • Balanced bats are easier to swing and great for players wanting to get the most control of their bats through the zone. Balanced bats have an evenly distributed weight throughout its length. The more balanced, the more faster is the swing. Controlling the barrel through the hitting zone is easier. If you are looking as much bat speed as possible, the balanced model would work best for you. The bats give a lower moment of inertia, which makes it possible to get a faster swing.
  • Bats with a 100% composite material is making to the top as one of the best bats in the market. The construction gives limited vibration with enhanced durability. This means an opportunity to maximize potential on the plate. The 100% composite revolutionary design increases the premium grade of the carbon fiber. Composite bats are made from graphite, resin, and carbon fiberglass. Because they are lighter than the aluminum bats, players prefer the increase in the swing speed and power. Most composite bats give larger sweetspots, but may take longer breaking in. Composite bats produce a single frequency ping sound, which is more of a pop. Composite bats cost more than the other materials, crack more often than aluminum bats, and have longer durability than wood. Generally, these types of bats have a lower swing weight than the aluminum or wood. Over time, the composite bats increase its trampoline effect.
  • 20 BPF (bat performance factor) with ABI (accelerated break in) standard has a Multi-Layer composite core designed to deliver maximum durability with exceptional rebound. The bat performance factor is a measure of the enhancement of the COR due to the trampoline effect and gives a rough guide to the performance of the bat. The accelerated break in processes are used to prevent composite bats from excessive damage with use. The performance of composite bats normally increase with damage from both natural and accelerated break in processes.
  • Wood maple/bamboo design has a laminated bamboo core for improved feel and a hard North American Maple barrel hitting surface for optimal feel. This is intended for wood bat leagues, recreational use and batting practice. This bat has been engineered for a slowpitch softball game.
  • Alloy materials make a strong, light ball bat. It creates a noticeable relatively pure single frequency ping sound during contact with the ball. The bat is generally referred as Aluminum Alloy bat and are less expensive than the others. More expensive bats are built with higher quality alloys. They tend to have a smaller barrel than the composite bats and feel more stiff just like the wood upon contact.
  • The Whiplash Technology is designed with a 30% thinner handle, which results to a lesser weight for faster swing speeds. This technology gives more flex and more power. Whiplash design allows maximum bending using a Lithium Edge so it will gain power and enhance swing speed. It reduces thickness in the taper to give it more flex. The design creates lighter weight for the overall frame. The end result is a longer barrel with hyper lite weight.
  • Single Wall Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats are usually made with alloy. They do not need to be lightweight because slowpitch softball games do not necessarily need a lot of swing speed. The design of the barrel is Single Wall, which makes it offer better swing speeds because it is lighter. Lighter Single Wall bat gives good trampoline effect. This allows the player to swing the bat with lightning speeds.
  • High Modulus Fibers (HMF) features smaller diameters woven together and reduce the amount of space between them so the fibers use more in the same space resulting in a stronger and higher performing composite material design. It offers a tighter material weave that boosts the durability, strength and lifetime of the slowpitch softball bat.

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